[lbo-talk] Illinois, TODAY: Submit Witness Slip Against Anti-BDS Resolution

Robert Naiman naiman at justforeignpolicy.org
Sat Mar 29 12:09:25 PDT 2014

Please share this with people you know in Illinois. **Note that we are only asking people in Illinois to submit witness slips.* *Forwarding this to faculty at Illinois public universities and colleges would be particularly helpful. This is a case where a small amount of input can make a big impact.

I am told that filling out this form takes 90 seconds on a phone. :)

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Dear Robert,

Illinois State Sen. Ira Silverstein has posted his anti-boycott resolution [1] for the Illinois Senate's Judiciary Committee's meeting on *Tuesday, April 1*. At this writing, in terms of witness slips that have been submitted for and against the resolution, *supporters of the resolution outnumber opponents, 19 to 13. *(One of the supporters is listed twice.) [2]

*We need to turn this around as quickly as possible.* Can you submit a witness slip against the bill *today*? The link is *here <http://org.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?key=-1&url_num=2&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmy.ilga.gov%2FWitnessSlip%2FCreate%2F81448%3FcommitteeHearingId%3D11752%26LegislationId%3D81448%26CommitteeHearings-page%3D1%26_%3D1396109016769>*


Additional instructions to help you complete the simple form are given below. *You do not need to appear in person to submit a witness slip against the bill.*

*Senator Silverstein's resolution is opposed by the Illinois ACLU*. [3] The Illinois ACLU notes in opposition that the resolution attacks *all academic boycotts*, regardless of target or purpose. Apartheid South Africa was subject to an academic boycott; even the Obama Administration pointedly refused to allow the participation of Ariel University, an Israeli university located in an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank, in a event in which President Obama spoke to Israeli college students, so attacking all academic boycotts attacks even the (excessively mild) anti-occupation policy of the Obama Administration.

*Senator **Silverstein's** resolution - SJR59 - charges people who support the academic boycott of Israel with anti-Semitism.*

Silverstein's resolution falsely claims that Israel has been "singled out" for a boycott, when there have been active campaigns to boycott, divest from, and sanction many governments around the world, including campaigns that have been supported by the U.S. government and the State of Illinois. Right now, the U.S. government is "boycotting" Russia, and particular Russian officials, in response to Russia's occupation and annexation of Crimea.


Submitting a witness slip allows you to officially record your opposition to the bill in the committee's proceedings without appearing in person before the committee. Before the committee considers the bill, the witness slips for and against the bill will be read.

The link to the form is *here <http://org.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?key=-1&url_num=4&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmy.ilga.gov%2FWitnessSlip%2FCreate%2F81448%3FcommitteeHearingId%3D11752%26LegislationId%3D81448%26CommitteeHearings-page%3D1%26_%3D1396109016769>*


- Identification - Enter your information; fax number is not required but if you don't include a fax number you must clear this field completely.

- Representation - Fill in if you are representing an organization. *If you are not representing another organization, feel free to enter "Just Foreign Policy."*

- Position - Click on the button next to "Opponent."

- Testimony - Click on the box next to "Record of Appearance Only."

- Type the Captcha Code in the box.

- Click Next to "I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement."

- Click on "Create Slip."

Thanks for all you do to advocate for a just foreign policy,

Robert Naiman and Megan Iorio Just Foreign Policy

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1. For the full text of the resolution, see http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/fulltext.asp?DocName=&SessionId=85&GA=98&DocTypeId=SJR&DocNum=59&GAID=12&LegID=81448&SpecSess=&Session=<http://org.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?key=-1&url_num=7&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ilga.gov%2Flegislation%2Ffulltext.asp%3FDocName%3D%26SessionId%3D85%26GA%3D98%26DocTypeId%3DSJR%26DocNum%3D59%26GAID%3D12%26LegID%3D81448%26SpecSess%3D%26Session%3D>

2. Here is the current list of witness slips, for and against: http://my.ilga.gov/Hearing/WitnessSlipInfo/81448?hearingId=11752&LegislationDocumentId=103439&CommitteeHearings-page=1&_=1396109016769<http://org.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?key=-1&url_num=8&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmy.ilga.gov%2FHearing%2FWitnessSlipInfo%2F81448%3FhearingId%3D11752%26LegislationDocumentId%3D103439%26CommitteeHearings-page%3D1%26_%3D1396109016769>

3.The Illinois ACLU statement can be found here: http://www.justforeignpolicy.org/node/1500<http://org.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?key=-1&url_num=9&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.justforeignpolicy.org%2Fnode%2F1500> .


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