[lbo-talk] Counterpunch Goes Jihadi

JOANNA A. 123hop at comcast.net
Wed Feb 10 11:44:50 PST 2016

Insane. I mean Counterpunch.


----- Original Message ----- This just arrived, smoking and stinking, in my mailbox: "The past week has seen major developments on the ground in Syria which imperil the entirety of rebel held Syria. The regime has launched an offensive in the north Aleppo countryside which has cut the major rebel supply line from Turkey to Aleppo, leaving Free Aleppo almost completely encircled and 400,000 civilians potentially trapped. "

So the Al Nusra and allied Islamofascists, most of whom are piratical bandits from everywhere but Syria, are "Free Aleppo!" So the suffering refugees, trapped at the Turkish border by Erdogan who closed the border to them while risking war with Russia (and hoping it turns into WW III) in order to keep it open for Daesh, Al Nusra, and the rest of the Islamofascist scum are "victims" of a regime which wants only to allow their return to a peaceful and secular Aleppo and not of the bandits in Riyadh, Ankara and elsewhere (hi! Obama) financing and arming their tormentors!

Worthy of Alexander Cockburn at his most stalinist.

Shane Mage

"Thunderbolt steers all things." Herakleitos of Ephesos, fr. 64

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