[lbo-talk] The Quebec mosque massacre and the growing war on Islam

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Mon Jan 30 12:03:11 PST 2017


My comment to LAT (lightly amended):

What is so alarming and tragic is that 1.7 billion with Muslim heritage are being irrationally targeted in what undeniably has been precipitated by a war among capitalists for control of energy resources that preponderantly happen to lie under the feet of a portion of Muslim people.

This is only the beginning, apparently, as with global climate deterioration the wars extend to other diminishing resources and other regions, including water and foodstuffs. And so long as equitable production, utilization, conservation and distribution are not in place, under a rational system of governance which does not have profit on investment as its primary goal - which can only be mutually shared self-governance - our common plight will get worse.

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