[lbo-talk] Comment on Henwood's radio interview of James Livingston 3/23/17

Eugene Coyle e.coyle at me.com
Thu Mar 23 13:36:06 PDT 2017

I just listened to “Behind The News” on KPFA. The second half of the program was an interview with James Livingston, the author of “No More Work.” I gathered from the program that Livingston’s book advocates a Universal Basic Income, to free people from unneeded, useless, and poorly paid work. If there is more in the book I didn’t hear about it.

Livingston was shallow and unprepared for a discussion of his ideas. He was unable to respond to Henwood’s antagonistic questions. And he didn’t seem to pick up on the disdain and antagonism that I heard from Henwood.

Henwood, on the other hand, was unable to sharpen his inquires to bring out either fatal flaws in Livingston’s argument or draw the author into responses that would defend his ideas.

Henwood was punching down at Livingston, in contrast his with being overmatched trying to shoot holes, a few years ago, in Kathi Weeks' arguments against work

Henwood and Livingston did agree that the issue of jobs and income distribution requires a political resolution.


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