[lbo-talk] The Conjuncture

David Martin davidtmartin at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 09:31:06 PST 2017

Here's a Marxist hypothesis of the current conjuncture we are in. Short version: The post-war system created by US capitalist collapsed when the return of Germany/Japan to world markets created a realization problem for them while Third World liberation struggles/social movements in the center increased (social) wage demands/reduced labor supply. Capital organized an exit route: neoliberalism, particularly financialization/globalization of production - financialization increased realization, globalization increased exploitation -- a series of financial crises (Third World debt/tequila/Asian/Brazil/Russia, etc.) and integration of China (labor supply)/Russia(rent supply). The shock therapy of the crises advanced this project only in the short term as increased class struggle/resistance - pink tide/Chinese/Russian state capitalism, etc. When the largest ever of series of financial crises, the 2008 WS crisis, hit the center, the exit route of neoliberalism hit a dead end of global stagnation and divisions within the capitalist class arose over how to exit the crisis. One faction preferred the exit of increased financialization/rent extraction (WS/Big Oil) while the other preferred higher investment in innovation/highly-skilled global labor (to increase labor productivity). This intra-class struggle over exit routes came to a head in the election of 2016 - one side (Trump) was willing to sacrifice labor supply (public investment/immigration) while the other (Clinton) would sacrifice rent (WS speculation/natural resource extraction). The rent accumulators made an alliance with Russian/Arab state capitalists to engineer the election of Trump and then buy his allegiance/compromise him with $2 billion pay off through the Rosneft fake privatization. The (labor supply/innovation/immigration) faction behind Clinton is now in open resistance to (financial speculator/rent extractors), particularly since the latter faction seized state power through violating the rules of the bourgeois electoral game by outsourcing the election engineering to Russian state capitalists (fellow rent extractors). There is absolutely no way in hell that the "Russians" could have engineered the election of Trump and the seizure of state power without an alliance/support of a fraction of US capital (speculators/rent extractors). That intra-capitalist conflict would never have occurred without the increasing global working class resistance to neoliberalism, forcing the capital to organize alternative exits from the collapse of neoliberal hegemony. The only way each faction could organize their preferred exit was through controlling the state. And one side was blindsided by the willingness of the other to change the rules of the competition for control over the state, therefore the losing side screams Russia! in an attempt to reestablish the rules of the liberal democratic state while the other seeks to create a fascist state by eschewing the institutions of liberal democracy. That is the conjuncture we are at,

I have a 50 page document to prove this hypothesis with evidence. If anyone is willing to take up the intellectual challenge, please send me your email at davidtmartin at gmail.com. Thx! David

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