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Way late here - Foster somehow came up independently for me in a different tab, maybe having something to do with Rachel Laudan recently getting an award from the Breakthrough Institute in part for her essay in Jacobin "A Plea for Culinary Modernism".

Something I find odd is how the flagbearers of the shiny positive vision of the Anthropocene are in conflict, often personally, with the specialists in the technical fields they are mucking around in. Pielke Jr. of Breakthrough made his biggest public splash when he got booted from 583 when he threatened lawsuits partly in response to the swatdown by Kerry Emmanuel - arguably the lead researcher on hurricanes and something of a nuclear enthusiast - of the former's panglossian article on rising hurricane risk. The regard for sulphate injection geoengineering within the geoscience community ranges largely from dread to resignation, and as Foster notes the rate of the ramp-up of CCS from its current experimental stage would require some breakthroughs on schedule.

The thought of any left worthy of the name embracing these dingbats, especially out of some reaction to crunchy cultural tropisms, feels like applying salve to make one immune to bullets.

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> Here is a link to an exceptional essay by John Foster, among the world's
> best social scientists when it comes to ecology. In it, he sharply, but
> accurately in my view,critiques the recent special environment issue of
> Jacobin magazine.
> https://monthlyreview.org/2017/11/01/the-long-ecological-revolution/
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