[lbo-talk] Parading US militarism

Steven L. Robinson srobin21 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 7 12:54:17 PST 2018

A peace counter- march would be well in order but most assuredly the Democrat Party leadership would do everything in its power to put a stop to it so as to prevent the #antitrump resistance from being seen as anti-military or anti-defense. SR

----- Original Message ----- If and when it occurs, Trump’s vainglorious military parade could provide a perfect opportunity for a counter peace march. But Jonathan Freedland’s suggestion that “…the rival procession could feature a giant effigy of Donald J Trump – with tiny, tiny hands” is light-minded and would do nothing to educate the wider US public.

A more effective demonstration would feature antiwar veterans of the Vietnam, Iraq, and other wasteful and failed imperial wars holding aloft banners and signs illustrating that it is the poor and people of colour who bleed and die while pampered rich schoolboys like Bush and Trump cheer them on from the comforts of home.


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