[lbo-talk] Varoufakis' new memoir

Marv Gandall marvgand2 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 17:37:37 PST 2018

> On Feb 22, 2018, at 12:20 PM, MM <marxmail00 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Eric Toussaint has also done a very detailed multi-part critique of V’s memoirs for the Verso blog:
> https://www.versobooks.com/blogs?post_author=131796 <https://www.versobooks.com/blogs?post_author=131796>

Quite devastating. In retrospect, one wonders why there were divisions on the international Marxist left about Syriza’s policy, especially after the Tsipras leadership’s capitulation to the troika’s demand for continued harsh austerity. A minority maintained that there was no alternative to staying in the eurozone under these conditions, although Toussaint shows otherwise in quite convincing detail.

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