[lbo-talk] Rep. Don Young suggests armed Jews could have prevented the Holocaust

Marv Gandall marvgand2 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 12:45:11 PST 2018

Both sides of this specious debate miss the point:

1. The Anti-Defamation League scoffs at the proposition that many more Jews could have saved themselves if they had been armed. But it simultaneously celebrates the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the partisan bands which Jews formed or joined to resist the Nazis.

There’s no question that had the mainly east European Jewish communities been able to foresee the Holocaust they would have prepared for and engaged in many more acts of armed self-defence rather than passively accept extermination. Who wouldn’t?

2. As for Alaska congressman Don Young, he’s just another right-wing crackpot who equates the Judeocide with the right of white Americans to bear arms, presumably because they are similarly threatened with extermination by genocidal black, Muslim, hispanic and other peoples of colour.


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