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John Dewey was a democratic socialist but was never a Marxist. On the other hand, several of his most notable students did become Maexist: Max Eastman, Sidney Hook, and Corliss Lamont. These three people followed different political trajectories later on. Max Eastman would become a friend of Lenin and Trotsky. He was the person who publicized Lenin's final testament where he had criticized Stalin. Eventually, Eastman went over to the far right, becoming an admirer of Hayek, was for a while an editor with William F. Buckley Jr.'s magazine, National Review. He ended up as editor of Reader's Digest. Sidney Hook, influenced by the work of Lukacs and Korsch, attempted to synthesize Marxism with pragmatism. But he would eventually end up as a fierce anticommunist and a leading light among the cold war liberals, and later the neocons. Corliss Lamont, in contrast with the other two men, always remained true to the socialist left, but would later abjure the label of Marxist.

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