[lbo-talk] FT: The US cannot halt China’s march to global tech supremacy

Marv Gandall marvgand2 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 19:14:04 PDT 2018

The Trump administration has made China’s ostensible “technology theft” the centrepiece of its protectionist trade offensive - an effort aimed at halting China’s rapid growth and undermining its state capitalist economic model - but China is not as vulnerable as many Western analysts think.

As James Kynge of the Financial Times points out, Chinese firms will still be able to obtain US technology from American companies domiciled in China. The value of this domestic trade nearly doubled comparable US imports. Moreover, China can also turn to other sources of supply in the EU, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, whose sales in Asia outstrip those of US-based firms. Finally, apart from semiconductors, where China is fast closing the gap, it already looks to be ahead in most emergent tech sectors such as artificial intelligence, 5G telecoms, the internet of things, self-driving cars and battery technology.


Or this link: https://on.ft.com/2Pfaslp

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