[lbo-talk] Vijay Prashad on the US-China battle for tech supremacy

Marv Gandall marvgand2 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 10:56:49 PDT 2019

Vijay Prashad, writing in the Asia Times, doesn’t think the US can win its technology war with China and that it will ultimately be forced to give up trying to do so through the widespread imposition of tariffs and sanctions.

The Trump administration’s assault has centred on 5G leader Huawei, but it is “unlikely to destroy Huawei’s ability to expand around the world”, he says. As a result of the deregulation of the US telecommunications industry several decades ago, American technology producers lag far behind Huawei and its closest European rivals and “there is no indication (they) will be able to manufacture fast enough the kind of transmitters needed for the new technological system.”

The new technology promises to disrupt and revolutionize a wide range of global industries. A report earlier this year by the US government’s own Defense Innovation Board, which Prashad cites, stated that “the country that owns 5G will own many of these innovations and set the standards for the rest of the world” and “that country is currently not likely to be the United States.”


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