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Tue Dec 1 06:13:10 PST 1998

Chris Burford:
>I am not against moderated lists, and I think Doug and Louis have done a
>better job than I expected, but I also think that there is a role for an
>unmoderated lists where marxists or would be marxists have to defend their
>ideas alone. What about it Lou? I have to assume your reluctance to face up
>to their criticisms is because you know logically that you are in fact a
>Menshevik. I suggest LP moderates his one-sided sectarian attacks on me on
>LBO talk and accepts my challenge to have it all out on m-unmoderated.

Yes, it is true that I am a Menshevik. It is also true that I am an ultraleftist. I am an ultraleft Menshevik when you really get down to the nitty-gritty. As well as having an advanced case of flatulence.

Perhaps comrades are not familiar with Lenin's most important, and most secret, struggle with the leader of the Ultraleft-Menshevik bloc led by Boris "Grubyan" Horowitz. ("Grubyan" is the Russian word for potty-mouth, more or less. Buford's friend Bob Malecki is a "grubyan". He reigns supreme over the marxism-unmoderated list. Malecki fled to Sweden while awaiting trial for stealing dynamite in Cleveland in the early 70's to use against working people in an "antiwar protest". In exile, he has set up a new revolutionary Trotskyite international whose doctrines are propagated through the 'zine COCKROACH.)

Okay, getting back to Grubyan Horowitz... Horowitz fought with Lenin about the character of the coming revolution in Russia. Like most Mensheviks, he thought that the bourgeoisie should rule in their own name and gave staunch support to the Kadets. His ultraleftism came through in his proposal for what should be done to the Czar and his hangers-on. Horowitz proposed that they should be buried up to their neck on the steppes while peasants drove horse-drawn threshers across their heads. He would not budge an inch on this question.

Lenin's rebuttal to Horowitz can be found in Volume four of the "Collected Lenin" in a piquant article titled "Unite the ranks of the party against the revisionist thresher danger," dated July 11, 1909.

Louis Proyect


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