US auto Nazis

Rosser Jr, John Barkley rosserjb at
Tue Dec 1 15:17:59 PST 1998

The top story in yesterday's Washington Post was about a likely class action suit that will be brought against Ford Motor Co. and also probably against General Motors by former slave laborers who worked under the Nazis in factories owned by Ford and GM during World War II. The suits allege much higher levels of complicity and cooperation between those companies in terms of helping with retooling for the German war effort, while resisting doing so in the US, and receipt of profits from the wartime activities of those subsidiaries. It might be noted that both Henry Ford and a high GM official, James Mooney, received major medals from the Nazis. Hitler apparently used to keep a life-size photo of Ford in his office. Barkley Rosser - Rosser Jr, John Barkley rosserjb at

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