The biggest corporate phallus of all times

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Dec 2 11:59:34 PST 1998

At the other end of the social spectrum from filthy lucre, I suppose the phallus might have some symbolic connection to the PENAL system.

Sounds like a subject for Foucault.

On a related subject, whatever happened to Judy Chicago ?

Does the phallus have an other ? Is it the Earth ?

If the phallus is a signifier, what is the signified ? If the signifier has an arbitrary relation to the signified, then how is the Phallus arbitrarily related to the penis ? There seems to be a natural imagic similarity, not an arbitrary relation between them.


>>> Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> 12/01 6:11 PM >>>
Charles Brown wrote:

>Does this have anything to do with The Phallus ?

Harvey quotes Simmel: "money enlarges the diameter of the circle in which our antagonistic psychic drives flourish."


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