Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers on Noam Chomsky in NLR #187

William S. Lear rael at
Sun Dec 6 19:13:45 PST 1998

Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers wrote a long essay on Noam Chomsky's social thought which appeared in the December 1991 issue of *New Left Review* (#187).

In appreciation of Noam's tireless efforts, and to celebrate his 70th birthday which arrives tomorrow, the 7th (Pearl Harbor Day), I have scanned in this article and will be posting it here (as I have previously, to PEN-L) in three parts.

This is an excellent introduction to Chomsky's ideas on human nature and freedom and ranges over many important issues. It also provides a well-received criticism of various aspects of Chomsky's thought, and though I don't entirely agree with everything they say, I think it is a very valuable discussion.

I spent about 5 hours scanning and fixing up the article (mostly in the fixing up phase), and have tried to be as careful as possible about any errors. Please let me know if you spot any remaining goofs.


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