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Mon Dec 7 14:31:48 PST 1998

ComRods, Buoys, and GrrRls

Okay, people. I had to go off line for a few because my 'fuser crashed. I finally went out and bought me one of them thar fancy new ones w/ a 56k flex modems. Let me tell you, after living w/ 14.4 modem for three years, I was just thrilled to death. so, then I spent the entire weekend in sex chat rooms and downloading pix and surfing that wild web. (Not really. Kidding.)

My 'fuser really did crash. No I didn't do the sex chat room thang. Gad. I bet 75% of you believed me, didn't you. See a girl has a brain and a sense of humor and look what happens, ya'll don't take me seriously. Anyway, if anyone can ever explain me the attraction of sex chat rooms I'd be interested. What is the point? I never can understand that one. Typing and sex just doesn't mix if you ask me for my not so humble opinion.

Anyhoo, so who's up for a reading of Butler? It's gotta be _The Psychic Life of Power_ Why? Cause I say so. And, because I've not read that one yet. And since I got this ball rolling in the first place, then I get to be in charge. So there. I know, I know Paul: you already have a copy of Gender Trouble. (And Paul, you need to resend. You know what I mean.) Well, tough luck I say. I could be generous and fax or mail you a copy of the book, right? (Frances, you make a grrRl look bad with your generosity to Alex, so lookee here woman I'll be equally generous with Paul. I'll not be outdone ya hear?) Hey and Doyle, what about you. Fugghedaboud John's Brain for a moment, kay?

Okay, seriously. My list includes: Frances, Alex, Paul, DougDaddy, and Chaz (aka Charles who should be called Chaz just be/c its such a white name) Hey Brad DeLong what about you? Any economist who has a clue about Weber oughtta be able to get a grip on Judy, no? Sawicky? Your ascerbic wit ought to prove useful at times? Ya game?

Okay, I'll give it another 24 hours for objections, addtions, arguments for another text. Then, we must all obtain a copy of the book in oh say 1 week? How's that?

Finally, to Henry: admit it. you missed me these past few days didn't you?


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