Abuse of power

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>Enzo Michelangeli wrote:
>>Indeed, the very existence of attempts to build
>>common ground between "red" and "green" never ceases to amaze me.
>Why should it? The exploitation of workers and nature goes hand in
hand, as
>Marx argued in a fine paragraph in Capital vol. 1. The ideal of Marxism
>that the technical skills and social organization brought about by
>capitalism should lay the groundwork for a nonexploitative society in
>abundance became a practical possibility, and the satisfaction of human
>needs and the development of the individual in society should take
>precedence over the needs of production and profit. Both reds and
>are critical of the grotesque distortions created by a competitive,
>atomized, alienating culture. There is, or should be, a lot of common
>ground here.
Greens are critical, but utopian. Variation on Fourier, Saint-Simon, etc. They have no scientific method to solve critical problems they discuss. The common ground is the critique, but the solutions are as far apart as utopia and science. The same arguments used against Duhring apply against the Greens.

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