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Mon Dec 7 17:38:32 PST 1998

Hey Doug-daddy. What is the scoop with LBO?! I can't for the life of me read your exchange w/ Malecki. Do you think you could make the font any smaller by chance. I'll get my binoculars out, okay?

>I just paid my rent, so I have $120.00 until the 18th, and I have to buy
>my brother a Chanukhah gift. It would be better for me to not have to buy
>the book until then. I do, however, have enough money for cheap domestic
>beer and chicken wings, esp. if it's at a karaoke bar (hint hint, snit)
>who is now, even as she types, making Greg Nowell's URSR.

Gad. For academics you all sure are punctual. My, my. See I put an incredibly early deadline on that one given that I know exactly how wacademics and intellectuals drag their feet. And I never imagined that any of us would actually get it together until AFTER the New Year or so. (It's a trick I learned from the admin. asst in our dept. don't tell anyone you know that this is what the admin staff does b/c then it won't work anymore.

Kinda like setting your clocks five minutes ahead. It only works if you forget.)

Well, usually I'm the one who complains about having no money, so I thoroughly understand. Hell, the only reason that I'm not quite in the same boat is that I have $50 to spend at Borders, a birthday gift. Yeah, that's right Alex, you're not the only sly one in that regard. So, yeah Frances. Let me figure out what I'm going do with the child for the evening and then we'll do that dang karaoke bar w/ the decent pool table and 10 ct wings. I'll warn you though, the last time I went to a karaoke bar I sang "material girl" with an old friend/neighbor of mine who looks like Malibu Barbie. Hey, did anyone hear about that plastic surgery contest? If you win, they do whatever it takes to turn you into either Pam Anderson or Brad Pitt. Oh and does anyone have any horror stories about Furbies. My son tells me that in our home town area Walmarts, people duked it out and went to the hospital w/ a broken nose and jaw. Nothing like that happened in Tampa did it? I didn't pay much attention to the news--went fishing this weekend instead of reading the papers.


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