Wellstone & Bradley

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Tue Dec 8 07:19:09 PST 1998

> Bradley reminds me of a New Jersy version of Clinton or Gore. A corporate
> neo-liberal. He will probably be Gore's running mate in the next
> election.

Please please. Bradley is not a New Jersey guy. I'm from NJ. Bradley is from Missouri. He only came to NJ as a carpet-bagger after the Feds nailed our good pro-labor senator, Harrison Williams, in the Abscam affair.

> Because if the southerners choose the candidates and they will; Bradley is
> harmless to their interests even if he is from, ugh, New Joysey.

Bet we have better Chinese restaurants than Ohio. Also, we gave you Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springstein, and John Sayles (Matewan, Brother from Another Planet, etc.)


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