NYT on Downsizing with Muted Cries

Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Tue Dec 8 10:25:24 PST 1998


I noticed a headline this week, something like ,"Many Layoffs , but Economy Strong".

Of course the Economy is not strong at all for people like Rhonda Wright.

Charles Brown

>From the market to the Marxit

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>Louis Uchitelle 12-7-98
>>When Rhoda Wright learned that the television assembly plant where she
had worked for 27 years would close, she did all the right things. She helped to counsel fellow workers through their shock. She used her $13,000 in severance to pay off a car loan. And once the plant shut in April, she enrolled as an accounting student -- hoping to one day get back to her old wage of $10.60 an hour.
>>But for all her energy and determination, a bleakness creeps into Ms.
Wright's story. Her unemployment insurance will run out by next December, six months before she graduates. She expects to land an accounting job quickly enough, even at age 49, but only at $8 an hour. ''I don't have a clue anymore what our income is going to be,'' she said, ''but we'll get by. We always have.''

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