Antarctica melting?

Carl Remick cremick at
Tue Dec 8 10:44:43 PST 1998

Re Doug's citations: "'Maybe there is a threshold for warming that, once exceeded, starts to throw climate into a series of barrel rolls,' speculates Paul J. Hearty, a geologist in Nassau. 'If we continue to pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, are we going to warm the earth and trigger sea level events like those that happened 120,000 years ago?'"

Tighten those seatbelts, folks. Here's another knuckle-whitening news item, as reported in today's Wash. Post: "The warming of the Earth in this century is without precedent in at least 1,200 years and cannot be fully explained by any known combination of natural forces ... said Jonathan Overpeck, head of the paleoclimatology program for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [yesterday]."

Carl Remick

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