His Blondeness)

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Wed Dec 9 10:10:07 PST 1998

Angela wrote:

>ee, ick...

Look. I know it's just the movies, but did ya see him fly fishing in A River Runs Through It? I mean, I'd never gone fly fishing, but he was just beautiful casting that reel. Just beautiful, teasing the trout, skimming the water w/ the fly. So, I learned how to fly fish over the summer. How 'bout acting like the crazy loon leader of the red-green terrorist groups, there in 12 Monkeys? That was a good flik. I don't think his acting is all that bad. Oh yeah and what about that one movie, Seven was it? Was he in that? Can't remember. And, besides, ya gotta give some credit to a guy who'll get on Oprah and tell everyone that if he wasn't an actor, then he'd like to be a landscaper.

But, ultimately, my defense of his Blondeness is the result of this incredibly sexist stereotyping of BLONDES that is going on here on this dang List. I have a grudge about this as for years no one ever ever noticed I had a brain. I am scarred for life. So, let's stop assuming that he *must* be dumb as a box of rocks, k?

Oh, and who is Gina Gershon? I know I should know, but I don't.


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