Bourdieu on neoliberalism

Tom Lehman TLEHMAN at
Wed Dec 9 14:53:23 PST 1998

Dear Brad,

Yeah, I realize that they report a budget of only $300 million US a year. Mere chump change for guys like me and you.:o) Also, they only have about 2000 people on the payroll. So hey, when they are co-ordinating deals like the MAI, my heart bleeds for them.

Want a laugh? The OCED has an un-funded pension liability of about $800million US. How about that for leverage. Behave or no pension.

Your, sometimes email pal, Tom L.

Brad De Long wrote:

> >Dear Brad,
> >
> >What's the old saying, "money talks and bullshit walks". I don't think
> >anyone can deny that the IMF and the OECD have money,
> The OECD is a bunch of bureaucrats in Paris. They don't have any serious
> money. They publish reports and hold conferences...
> Brad DeLong
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