Bourdieu on neoliberalism

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Dec 9 19:32:20 PST 1998

Brad De Long wrote:

>The OECD is a bunch of bureaucrats in Paris. They don't have any serious
>money. They publish reports and hold conferences...

And to join you have to satisfy certain criteria of financial and product market "opening," much to the recent damange of newest members Mexico and South Korea. And the OECD was the forum where the MAI was being negotiated until their cover was blown; now it's being transferred to another bunch of bureaucrats, the WTO.

As the man said, money comes with blood on its cheek, but capital comes dripping blood from head to toe.

Speaking of shadowy bureaucrats, my favorite is the Paris Club - the agency of creditor governments - which a Financial Times article 8 or 10 years ago said is staffed by a secretariat from the French treasury, has no by-laws, and doesn't officially exist.


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