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Wed Dec 9 07:47:00 PST 1998

Before somebody chastises me for being part of the male capitalist heterosexual patriarchy, let me say in my defense that I probably wouldn't even read Esquire if not for the fact that my brother picks it up occasionally.

Anyhoo, Here's a piece on Gina Gershon from their August 1996 'Women We Love' issue, written by contributing editor Michael Angeli. A nice picture accompanies the text. I'd be happy to send the hardcopy to our fearless moderator for the price of postage.


Gina Gershon: Who do you want watching your back?

When the end finally comes and women rule the planet, you're going to need a friend. A sister who survived the suck-it-up wasteland of manhood and came out on top. You'll want a strong pair of shoulders that you can get behind, an avenging angel who will keep the Tank Girls and Mary Dalys of this earth off your sorry Y-chromosome ass. Enter Gina Gershon, dressed like a Catholic girl in trouble but endowed with the swagger of a grease monkey who has a Golden Gloves trophy oxidizing in a closet somewhere. You probably recognize her as Cristal, the teeth-together-hips-apart diva from Showgirls (she played Apollo Creed to Elizabeth Berkley's Rocky), or the soldier-of-fortune development girl in The Player, or maybe as the promiscuous journalist who infested Cocktail.

You want Gina covering your flank because she's fearless, takes chances, and lands on her feet. Who else at the moment can claim Tom Cruise as her first cinematic sexual encounter and Jennifer Tilly as her latest?

You want Gina on your side because, among other things, Gina has that mouth, a mouth that says "I dare you" without making a sound. She does the implied narrative, the man with no name, the strong, silent type better than you. Take a gander at her in this summer's femme-noir thriller Bound. She wears skivvies, drives a pickup, and sets Tilly's lips on fire with the touch of her fingertips.

You want Gina watching your back because she's studied your kind, the way Dian Fossey groomed with the gorillas. Above all, Gina's your hero, because when the check comes, she won't take your money. "You don't have to pay," she joked to me one day. "I'm fucking the waitress."

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