too much nature in New York

Jim heartfield jim at
Thu Dec 10 01:47:39 PST 1998

In message <v04003a07b294a61841d7@[]>, Brad De Long <delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU> writes

>Yes. It's going to be interesting even if we manage to stabilize world
>population at 12 billion. If it hits 20 billion by 2100, it will be a
>much-impoverished world...

I can think of 8 billion people who would disagree (20 - 12 = 8).

Funny how people always end up on the debit side in these accounts. But strangely a large population never set the US economy back. Nor for that matter, has population growth coincided with world poverty - on the contrary, it is a consequence of increasing life expectancy.

Presumably this fear of other people is the motivation of the reintroduction of wolves - so they can eat up all the excess people, like Thomas More's sheep.

Makes you wonder what Brad eats, wears, drinks, sleeps in, drives, if it is not the work of other people. -- Jim heartfield

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