Women We Love: Gina Gershon

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Thu Dec 10 07:16:21 PST 1998

>For what it's worth, Susie Bright says that the lesbian sex in the movie
>Bound was the total vindication of everything she ever wanted to show on a
>screen. Details will be in her forthcoming book; Sassy killed a piece on
>the topic.

Well I'm fairly certain I saw Bound. But did I see a PG version of it or something? I don't recall any steamy les sex, and I'd remember something like that. Gad. Wasn't Bound otherwise boring. Maybe I fell asleep? Well, now I know what I'm going to get at Blockbuster this wkend. Oh and btw, I checked out her fan sites and I'd just saw that she's a dark version of his Blondeness what with those pouty lips and all.


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