1. A few thoughts on the boob thing.

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Thu Dec 10 16:30:35 PST 1998

1. I've always preferred small to big.

2. I've encountered the artificially enhanced. Ghastly. It may look OK (if you're into size) but what's the point of rock boobs?

3. I don't get to see many these days. When the Victoria's Secrets ads come on TV my wife covers my eyes until its over.

4. When I was 14 I had smuggled copies of Playboy and never looked at the articles.

5. Now that I'm 44, I don't read it at all, but when I do, it's because of an article. But I'll look at the boobs.

6. Part of the reason is, that with a bit of experience and imagination there is much more aesthetic enjoyment to be had at a shopping mall, merely by looking at women fully clothed, than plasticized in the mags.

7. Another reason is, that when in a gratifying relationship the Natural Compression of Vapors is reduced, thus turning a man into a more normal human being (but not always).

8. I do think there is something to the contention that most of what men do, they do to get laid. This applies to feminism. Men adopt a feminist line because they think they will get laid by feminists. (And of course the most successful are those who truly, really, sincerely believe they are feminists). Radical Marxist guys try to impress Radical Marxist women with their theory in much the same way that lowrider guys impress lowrider chicks (I'm from the valley) with their cars. Ecology guys impress ecology chicks with their humble Corollas. Even in materially renunciation type Buddhist sects we see that the more renunciatory guys try to impress the women with how renunciatory they are. It is well known among men trying to get laid that women like to talk about their feelings and that if you hang around a woman who wants to talkabout her feelings regarding a divorce, bad relationship, etc., that sincere attentiveness and sympathy to what she is saying is a good way to get laid.

>From this I conclude that male consciousness is largely
chemically driven. It is perhaps a tribute to the adaptiveness of our species that diametrically opposed behaviors--material acquistiion or renunciation--can both be competitively employed to get laid.

9. Although it is fashionable among intellectual theorist women to deprecate the chemically driven element of male behavior, I do note that there is one thing which is remarkable, which is that all these diverse male strategies do evidently have some effect, judging from the fact that there are many men who do get laid. If I were a woman I'm not sure I'd want to lay a man, as a general principle, and having studied the gender. But, I do know that there are definitely certain men I have met who, had I been a woman, I would have laid. No doubt about it. And maybe even felt proud of the fact.

10. What constitutes layability is not entirely driven by modern capitalism. Some studies on this have been reported in Science News. In any case it would appear that both sexes characterize as "attractive" the people whose attributes are most average of all characteristics. This means that if you take all the dimensions, such as eye width, nose length, jaw width, etc., and create (as they do with computers) faces that most nearly comply to the average, it is those faces which get rated most highly by people of all cultures.

11. Though it is sometimes averred that the Rubensian woman was more popular in some cultures, this is probably not so. Rubens and Renoir and that ilk were somewhat specialized caterers to the Rubensian fetishists, just as one can find magazines for those types today. I did read in one of the woman's magazines about some Pacific fat-woman thing but it was only for the very rich, a totem of the tribe chief's wealth. It did say that this element of culture was coming into conflict with the thin-woman thing of the west, as seen on TV. The women were so fat they could barely locomote. (This article was in a women's magazine, see below).

12. Calista Flockhart should definitely have something to eat.

13. Some of the most erotic magazines are women's magazines, where the art of partially clothed eroticism has been taken to an agonizing degree. Moreover I am amazed at the cultural ambiguity of these magazines, which sometimes deal with the whole issue of living with men in an underground kind of way, even preaching a kind of global solidarity (what it's like being a woman in Afghanistan, how to survive in the corporation, etc.) while at the same time teaching the primping arts. My wife subscribes to one or two of these. She goes through the ads and I read the articles. Every now and then, though, one of the ads makes my eyes pop out and I go "whoa!". These magazines have long confirmed a deep suspicion of mine, that I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body.

14. Are women a capitalist plot? There is evidence to suggest that women existed before capitalism. However, it is clear that monopoly capital plays to gonadial impulses in men and makes them seek out totems with which to impress women. If this function were not operant, it is likely that aggregate consumption, and with it aggregate income, would be lower. Social egalitarianism might be fostered if women and men were divided into two camps and allowed to meet only once a year. Child-raising could be entrusted to individuals whose hormonal levels had been modified to be more or less neutral. Whatever the efficiencies of such a system, it is clear, however, that aggregate consumption would be lower, and society poorer, unless the men tried to build high towers or other structures in their camps, thereby stimulating aggregate demand, in order to impress the women. In any case the ubiquity and aggressively sexual character of advertising has the effect of suggesting to men that there lives are somehow not complete unless they have some form of commodity to offer to a woman. Note the De Beers ads, where crystallized carbon made by slave labor in Africa is offered to a gapingly open mouthed hot breathing woman by a middle aged man of means. So you need not only the commodity but the woman to offer it to. This would suggest that in fact women are a capitalist plot.

15. Some further evidence of this thesis may be found in the fact that women do have conspiracies. Cleverly, they have realized that all-male country clubs and other clubs should be banned because it denies their right to the same level of professional access. But it has also been argued that women need all-women zones such as gyms, universities, secondary schools, math classes, and/or support groups where they can get together and be free from men who tend to walk around with their annoying chemically driven propensity to butt their dicks into, and thereby annoy, the affairs of women. The desire to break into enclaves of the male world while preserving the integrity of enclaves of the female world is clearly driven by the necessity of having meeting places where conspiracies with all forms of capital, national and international, can take place unencumbered. At these meetings it is determined just what forms of commodities men will be tricked into buying.

16. Why else would a semi-rational man who rarely or never wears jewelry want to spend his fortune on cartelistically, rapaciously priced crystallized carbon made by slave labor in Africa?

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