Earth at Its Warmest In Past 12 Centuries

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Thu Dec 10 17:22:31 PST 1998

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>On Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:45:03 -0500 Doug Henwood <dhenwood at>
>>Cato, Reason, such lovely company the anti-warmers keep.
>What pisses me off is the way right-wingers try to monopolize words like
>"reason." So the Right is scientific, rational, and reasonable, whereas
>all of us lefties are crazy, relativistic, pomos.

Sorry folks: the Age of Reason arrived one century before Socialism. Word already taken... :-) Taking about which, "liberal" used to mean "liberal", not "social-democrat" as it nowadays does, especially in the US.

Jokes apart, I'm personally more than happy when I find socialists who, like Jim, reclaim the original spirit of Marxism saying

>> Marxism is not a Pol Pot style 'year Zero', but an attempt to transcend
>> the Enlightenment, by completing it.

Trouble is, "crazies, relativists and pomos", not to mention catastrophists claiming that The End is Nigh Because of Our Sins, are on the rise. I suspect that the (no pun intended) reason behind this phenomenon is that the predictions of collapse of Capitalism in a socialist direction have so far proven wrong, so some socialists have taken to believe in the imminent collapse of the entire world.

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