Earth at Its Warmest In Past 12 Centuries

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>Enzo Michelangeli wrote:
>>For a second opinion, see:
>Cato, Reason, such lovely company the anti-warmers keep.

And wait from my future quotes from F.A. Hayek ;-)

>I loved this passage from the FAQs (drawn from risk/reward theorist Aaron
>>What's apparent in this anticipation / resilience framework is that it is
>>not our knowledge, but our uncertainties which most strongly indicate the
>>choice of pathway. This is because: 1) the conditions needed to assure a
>>reasonable chance of success for anticipatory actions are quite stringent;
>>2) there are more ways to get things wrong than to get them right; and 3)
>>mistakes leave us less well prepared to deal with other current or future
>>RPPI's research, and that of many other analysts, indicates that given our
>>current state of knowledge, we are not in a position to take anticipatory
>>action that has a good chance of producing a net increase in our safety,
>>or that of our children, or grandchildren. More research is clearly needed
>>to bring levels of uncertainty down far enough to make for reliable
>Putting this as carefully as possible, there's considerable, if not
>clinching, evidence of a climate change that could be absolutely disastrous
>for human life. But since we can't be sure, it's best to do nothing. How

Where do you read that?? The only fact that emerges from that FAQ is that much larger swings in the past have not substantially damaged life on the planet; that, as natural events have effects orders of magnitude larger than human-induced ones, taking action on the latter is quite irrelevant; and that it could well be counterproductive too.


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