Pop Music and Fascism

Steve Perry sperry at usinternet.com
Sun Dec 13 16:52:14 PST 1998

To call any genre of music "inherently fascist" is about as interesting and as instructive as calling grammar or, say, inductive reasoning "inherently fascist." It involves construing that music so broadly (and so dully) that it makes one suspect the writer is more interested in neat theoretical constructs than in *any* kind of music, fascist or no.

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>Wasn't Zizek their theoretical advisor?

News to me. I enjoy them on the level of cheap middlebrow irony. That they would have a need for a "theoretical advisor" seems absurd. I don't think there's any great mystery to what they do. It's pop music dressed in fascist imagery for laughs.

As for ZIzek, I only know him from the references in Terry Eagleton's Ideology.

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