Merger Mania

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sun Dec 13 17:36:29 PST 1998

Enzo Michelangeli wrote:

>>>No you shouldn't: low tech is what industries in the 3rd world can do
>>>and if you flood their market with subsidized products you destroy their
>>>fledgling industries. Instead, you should open your markets and _buy_
>>>products. Even if this upsets your steel lobby (and your textile lobby,
>>>your toy lobby and...)
>>And what line of work are you in?
>I'm not sure about the relevance, but anyway: I did several things in my
>life, from software development to international trade to technical
>management; at the moment I'm trying to grow a software start-up developing
>products for secure messaging (based on cryptographic technology). That
>dovetails with my personal interests in e-cash matters (hence the connection
>to Hayek's "Denationalization of Money" etc.) and privacy issues.

Figures. So many of you cybertypes can be so casual about displacement; you can bounce from job to job, place to place, and survive. Not everyone is so blessed - those forces you dismiss as the "steel lobby" and "textile lobby" include lots of displaced, downsized, and disposed of workers along with the nationalist union tops and pampered managers.


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