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>>Wow, an LBO post about Liabach! A lot of people don't get the "joke"
>>think they really are fascist. The "One Vision" remake ("Geburt einer
>>Nation")is brilliant, I think. They did put out a
>documentary/collection of
>>videos wherein they outline their views. It's pretty rare, but worth
>>getting if you happen to come across it.
>There's also a book on Neue Slowenische Kunst ("New Slovenian Art"), the
>movement of which Laibach is a part.
>Do you know anything about Doug's allegations re: Zizek being their
>"theoretical advisor?"

I know nothing about that, but I have an aquamarines who is really into them and might know, so I'll ask him the next time I see him. I've seen the book you mention before, but I've never read it. BTW, I saw them when they came to San Francisco a year or two ago and the show was lousy. I was quite disappointed!

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