Draft Amendment

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Tue Dec 15 13:55:26 PST 1998

Thanks Charles and Angela,

Oh, yea. THAT amendment. I thought perhaps there was something even more draconian in the rewrite of the bankruptcy laws than I had heard about.

The other day I was wondering how many people will be shocked by those bankruptcy changes, after the slump hits. The local news had a story about people with nice homes and three(!) new cars, going broke. Georgia is very high on the personal debt scale. Don't these people care a thing about paying all that interest? Don't they know how to buy a decent used car? Their investments will never pay them what they're blowing in interest payments, especially when you consider the taxes on investment income. They're mad, mad I say.

Angela, I'm a gardener for the joy of it. Kinda new at the level I'm attempting now. Before I was renting so it never got into bushes and perenials. Wish I had room for trees, but I already got a bunch of old trees in what one friend called " a grandma yard".

I have a front bank that is mostly red clay and big old oak roots, so I'm sculpting out, literally chiseling, basins for plants, and shoreing it up with found objects. Old pieces of pottery, plates, building, whatever I pick up. Last week I made a batgirl installation. She's behind a half of a clear dinner plate, under a blue rug juniper. I don't think any of the numerous neighborhood children have noticed her yet. I think they'll like it. I may die with the front part of the house still unpainted and unfurnished, but the yard is really starting to happen.

Angela, where are you waiting for tomatoes to ripen? Did you mention Canada. Tell us what's happening in that dreadful healthcare system our media is constantly condemning.

BTW, Charles and Angela, you both have valid points that are not really mutually exclusive to my thinking.

Out of sheer guilt, I want to comment on Marta's points on the CFS thread. I remember many times, upon hearing that someone had not worked for a long time because they had hurt their backs, how wierd that was. Now suddenly, I have had two episodes of not being able to move because my back muscles were in spasm. Even when it's happening, I can't believe that I simply cannot straighten up. My doubts have been quelled, but only through direct experience. I'm off work and heading for an ice pack right now.

Painfully yours Paula

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