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Wed Dec 16 06:04:17 PST 1998

On the CFS/Epstein Barr thread, I follow this somewhat because my sister's girlfriend suffers from it. I tend to think most things have psycho-cultural roots including this, but I do understand why CFS sufferers feel that such analyses add to the disregard and lack of treatment they're already getting from the medical profession...Western medicine is pretty selective about WHOSE suffering is all in their head, tho we'd probably all be a lot better off with a more integrated approach to health. there was an surprisingly excellent article in New York magazine by ajournalist named Chris Norris who is afflicted with CFS, who reviewed some fascinating theories about the possiblitity of environmental causes, and the idea that immune deficiency sufferers in general including HIV/AIDS patients could be "canaries in a coal mine" eg, the overall environment is becoming more and more poisonous, sothese epidemics, affecting those with more fragile systems, are foreshadowing more widespread suffering for the rest of us done the road. (probably a terrible Baudlerization of the argument but you could look it up) Kind of scary for those of us temporarily healthy people, but I know a lot of CFS sufferers found the piece affirming.

Liza Featherstone

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