Please don't bomb Iraq

cathy Livingstone catseye at
Thu Dec 17 02:46:40 PST 1998

At 05:37 PM 12/16/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Is there any way in which Saddam Hussein would be benefitted by having
>Clinton in power? He had to know how convenient this would be for Clinton,
>and he did in fact choose to mess with the inspectors precisely 1-2 days
>before the impeachment hearings, and these republican senators are on the
>television saying the phrase 'support our troops' about 4 times per thirty
>seconds, and clearly couldn't dare mess with Clinton right now. It gives
>the moderate republicans a big out.
>I caught Peter Jennings on ABC News during the bombing and he wimpishly
asked the reporter in the field why the U.S. government did not attempt to encourage the growth of a democratic opposition movement (READ: why wasn't the CIA doing their thang) since Desert Storm? The reporter didn't answer but moved onto talking about the exciting light show. In my household there's a consensus that Hussein and Clinton have some kind of special relationship otherwise Hussein would have been dead long ago and Clinton would have been out of the White House. Instead thousands and thousands of Iraqis pay with their lives. Do you think the Palestinian government could arrest Clinton (and all the past presidents, politicians, etc.) for his crimes against humanity? Just wishful thinking.

Also, since I'm in the conspiratorial mood, why, after Desert Storm and it's successful bamboozlement of the American public with its high tech machinery, are American reporters and camerapeople still allowed to stay in Iraq? Whose interest is this serving? I can't see what Hussein would get out of this, unless he was in cohoots with Clinton.

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