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Thu Dec 17 11:02:58 PST 1998

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> >Let's not overlook the role of tousle-haired little Tony Blair,
> >scurrying around the U.S. military juggernaut proving what a staunch
> >errand boy -- er, ally -- the U.K. is.
> A while ago the following Blair-Clinton joke appeared in the British Press:
> On a weekend Third Way seminar, Bill takes Tony out for a walk in the
> countryside, and they come across a sheep with its head stuck in a gate.
> 'Hey, what luck!, says Bill and takes his pants down to shag the sheep.
> Once satisfied he turns to Tony and says, 'go on, it's your turn'. 'No, I
> couldn't possibly, Bill' protests Blair. What's the matter, Tony, don't you
> like to fuck?' 'Er, no, Bill it's just that I don't think I could fit my
> head in the gate.'

I met a left wing lawyer at Boalt Law school and I've been talking with him over lunch a lot. He had this right wing friend who has a huge ego and is always name dropping how he went to an elite prep school and Columbia and London school of economics and how he has a book coming out in two months with a forward by Shelby Steele and Thomas Sowell about how freedom of speech or opinion by conservatives like him is suppressed by Boalt.

(see.. right after this, almost as a bit of supporting evidence he was talking about looking at what sophomores have as assigned reading and was shocked to see classes reading Mike Davis because he thinks this is an example of left professors enforcing an orthodoxy on naive students who don't have enough background in the classics. But this to me seems ridiculous because first, what about how everyone has to read the fountainhead in high school, and more importantly, he very crucially interprets people disagreeing with him to be trying to censor him, but when he sees professors trying to present a different view, he interprets it was brainwashing or PC orthodoxy) Actually, both of these two are able to namedrop so impressively, I am just agog. They both come from the Beverly hills area and went to ivy league schools, and I have hope for the left wing one. He is spending like 7 hours of his day reading Z magazine and Chomsky, who he recently discovered, during finals week. He describes working at goldman sachs and people he knows on the trilateral commission etc. and while slightly misguided, has this general sort of plan of wanting to rise to the top and cause change from there.

But the right wing guy keeps coming up with these more and more impressive stories. At age 25 or so (weird, because I don't think he's that smart, but maybe it's just the impression he gives me), he was the big aide of Austin Mitchell (house of lords (?)) and was meeting all these people in the gym etc. (drops names of several important lords as though they are old friends) and he said that he personally, almost caused a runoff election in England because they have the majoritarian system and around 96 they were at exactly 50:50 and if they lost one more conservative, a vote would have to be called, and some conservative who was a suppressed gay kept coming on to him and then masturbated to him in the shower, and then a couple weeks later another aide who the conservative had been having an affair with came out, but then the rest of his party came to his defense and said that the aide was just lying, and so this David guy was the only one who could have corroborated the story but he didn't want to be involved and become like Monica Lewinsky and/or have homosexuality attached to his name so he didn't come out and say anything.

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