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Max Sawicky sawicky at
Fri Dec 18 06:37:09 PST 1998

> Sure, it'll feel good to see the knife twist in his belly. But when
> you realize who is holding the handle of the bloody instrument, and
> what their motives are...

I am amazed to be in agreement with Lear.

Switching on impeachment for a left on the basis of the attack makes no sense.

The main reason is that Clinton's personal fate -- concern for which is reflected in urges to punish him -- is irrelevant to the well-being of the working class, however defined. In foreign policy, Gore would continue anything you don't like in Clinton's foreign policy, possibly to greater excess.

The greatest crime is the ability of a simple Congressional majority, in collusion with a Reaganite judiciary, to railroad a popularly elected president from office. It smacks of fascism. Clinton's deeds against Iraq, whatever you think of them, are business as usual. The time to criticize business as usual is all the time. The time to criticize the act of impeachment is right now. The ratification of Delay's coup makes future Iraq-type actions much more likely, not less.

I agree also with Nathan that death of children by starvation is at least as outrageous as blowing people up, thoiugh Saddam deserves a share of responsibility for this.

Some people are saying that impeachment will make privatization of Soc Sec much less likely. Michael Myerson had a piece to this effect in the LA Weekly, I'm told. this could be true. But to me the only salience of this is that the Starr railroad has basically won the argument for now, so we might as well take some solace in a few positive implications.


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