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Sat Dec 19 09:01:05 PST 1998

rc&am wrote:

> does anyone know of the details of the guy who was killed by (i think)
> injection in an arkansas prison during clinton's first run for the
> presidency? i saw a doco some time back, and bill specially took time
> off during the campaign to go and sign the death order. he was being
> accused by the republicans of being soft on criminals. just saw
> clinton on the telly saying no one in their right mind would beleive
> he ordered the bombings to saty in power. he looks to me like a
> serial killer. i'm sure the fbi profiles of serial killers would
> match him.
> angela

Ricky Ray Rector, I believe. I wonder if Saddam Hussein's pretext for invading Kuwait was that he got caught in de back room with one of his daughters friends? Saddam's rhetoric and action as deflecting attention from a sex scandal? Saddam is married with 5 children( *with* not *to* 5 children.) Apparently Clinton went after Saddam's daughter.In retaliation for refusal, Clinton blew up her house. Rumor has it that the oil fields around Basra are being bombed. What's with the idea that the attack must cease before Ramadan? Afraid they might offend the Iraqi people and the Arab world?

Sam Pawlett.

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