Hastert and ... tobacco

Tom Lehman TLEHMAN at lor.net
Sun Dec 20 07:51:04 PST 1998

Dear Mike,

I happened to be watching the Black Entertainment Channel(BET) when the interviewer asked President Clinton, "People say you are the best Republican president we have ever had." I think a lot of people including myself would have to agree with that statement/question.

Are the Republican's jealous that Clinton has carried forward the corporate agenda with more skill than they could?

Gore Vidal had an interesting essay in the Nation last summer entitled the End of History. For a high-school drop-out and a life-style liberal Vidal has a way of putting things in perspective. Take a peek at it; it maybe archived on the Nation website?

Your email pal, Tom L.

michael perelman wrote:

> Tobacco is only one of many, many corporate interests who have donated to
> the thugs. I doubt they are more beholden to tobacco than many of the other
> interests.
> Michael Perelman

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