Hastert and ... tobacco

Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at gte.net
Mon Dec 21 08:42:26 PST 1998

Chris Burford wrote:

> What evidence is there of Hastert's links with tobacco? After all if
> Congressman Henry Waxman is right that "the tobacco fleet of private jets
> has become the official airline of the Republican Party", it may be useful
> for the next speaker to have good relations with it. What are the best
> web-sites on this?

Getting back to the subject in the subject line, are we? That's the most subversive thing I've seen online in years!

On Democracy Now! this AM Hastert's main claim to fame this past term was identified as the Republican's poison pillbox alternative to the move for a genuine patient's bill of rights. There was even a pretty fair Republican alternative, presented by a Representative Norwood, that could have mustered bipartisan support, possibly a majority, but Hastert played the lead roll in whipping Republicans in line.

Since this is the kind of relation he has with "health professionals", there seems little conflict between it and the general party alignment with tobacco. In fact, being at arms length from tobacco individually may be part of his sales package. (He's being sold as the second coming of Bob [I Wouldn't Hurt A Fly] Michaels, don'tcha know!)

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