wight wight at
Mon Dec 21 11:05:23 PST 1998

James H, Doug, I may be misrepresenting you terribly, and I've now deleted the post so can't check, but were you commenting that you were happy to see Clinton impeached since the bombing of Iraq? I would have been critical of the impeachment process in the past as sidelining the electorate and it being a degradation of the political process, since it lacked any real political content. Instinctively however, my reaction now is to "let him fry". It would be quite nice to see the american president humiliated on the world stage. Naturally, the public's cynical reaction is a bit crude, linking the bombings directly to Clinton's personal problems, rather than the wider use of international relations as a distraction for domestic problems.

But to what extent to either of you think that the public cynicism can be used to illustrate the broader point, be mobilised as an anti-bombing sentiment, or changes your view of the impeachment of Clinton?

Are you now prepared to celebrate his humiliation world-wide, do you think it can be used to weaken his (or "their") capacity for such further action? thanks, Paul.

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