3% of lobbying total is huge

John K. Taber jktaber at onramp.net
Mon Dec 21 18:35:26 PST 1998

Greg Nowell wrote:

>With all the capitalist interests in a 5 trillion
>dollar economy, for one subset to reach 3% of lobbying
>contributions is huge.

Doug said:

Really? Did you look at all the other interests on the CRP page? Just look at all the money financial interests have spent over the rewrite of Glass-Steagall. In my more cynical moments I suspect that Congress hasn't passed a comprehensive rewrite of G-S because the threat of doing so was a great way to shake the money tree.


The NY Times said that the "reform" of G-S was stopped by one man, Sen. Phil Gramm!

I forgot his stated reason, it seemed a little odd to me. Your suspicion of extortion is pretty good, though I wouldn't know for sure.

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