Placating the Implacables

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Tue Dec 22 12:03:43 PST 1998

> > > Why Clinton keeps trying to placate the implacables
> > > is beyond me. It only enflames the paleo-cons (thanks
> > > Nathan, I like the term) all the more.
> >
> > Very simple: to save his ass.
> Well, ok, I'm dumb. Explain it to me. It seems to me that

No you're not. You've merely succumed to the common trait here of making simple things much too complicated.

> Clinton had to forcefully resist the Right at the beginning
> of his administration. For example, Travelgate. It makes

Travelgate was not about resisting the right, but about plain old rights of patronage. The clintons had only done what everybody else does -- really -- but for them the rules had changed, hence scandal. An added factor was the complicity of the elite media, whom the travel office serviced, as it were.

> perfectly good sense to me to fire the lot of employees,
> even if they are low-level, if you can't trust them. They
> were Republican loyalists and spies, weren't they?

they were people w/no business in a Democratic White House. that's enough. Nobody expects Trent Lott to hire a Democrat as his personal secretary.

> But the Right made an issue of it, and Clinton backed down.
> He should not have backed down. He needed to fight
> Gingrich to the death if need be at that point, or being
> president is a joke.


> . . .
> He conceded every fight necessary for him to fight, to
> save his ass, and now he loses his ass to boot.
> He needed to fight as bloody as it might be right at the
> start to save his ass. So, where is the sense of his
> placating?

Evidently he'd rather do that than try to create a strong Democratic Party. I presume it's his ideology.

In practical terms, he is offering potentially sympathetic circles of the G.O.P. policy victories as an alternative to the victory implied in removing him from office.


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