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Eighth Annual Conference

International Coalition Against Sexual Harassment

(formerly SASH)

August 7-8, 1999

Chicago, IL

"Creating Change: Sexual Harassment Research, Training,

and Advocacy for the 21st Century"

Papers, workshops, panels, and discussion groups on ALL aspects of sexual harassment are sought. Those with expertise on the following topics are especially welcomed: Men who are, or who have proclivities to be, sexual harassers; racial or ethnic minorities; gay men and lesbians; K-12 students; women in male-dominated work environments; nations or geographic areas outside North America. ICASH is a multi-discipline, international group of professionals (academics, researchers, human resource personnel, trainers, attorneys, clinicians/therapists).

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: February 22, 1999.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to organize a panel or a discussion group, please contact the program co-chairs as soon as possible. For further information and registration material contact James Gruber (jegruber at, 313-593-5611, University of Michigan-Dearborn, or Susan Fineran (sfineran at 617-353-7912, Boston University.

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