Vicious Holiday Silliness & a great tobacco idea

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>For some reason this season made me think not about the real meaning
>of Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Ramadan, Solstice or any other
>holiday, but about the real meaning of Santa Claus -- and all the
>valuable lesson Santa teaches for living in corporate America.
>Think about what a kid learns on first discovering there are is no
>Santa Claus. She learns (if she does not already know) that authority
>figures lie, and that lies by authority figures are good lies, lies
>you are rewarded for believing, lies you should go believing for as
>long as possible.
>If (as is usual) it is another kid who tells her there is no Santa ,
>she learns that those who expose the lies of authority figures are
>wicked destroyers of innocence, that the proper response to learning
>that an authority figure has lied is to protect others from the awful
>Gar W. Lipow
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This is great Gar, never thought of it this way, just the trained greed thing, which I can still remember. And Gar, thanks for the sites, looks interesting though I've just read a little.

>>Now there's a revolutionary as to opposed to a reformist or sectarian
>>slogan: Let the tobacco bosses pay! Free nicotine patches for all!

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! And a fair one. The only time I tried to quit I used Zyban. $80 and insurance doesn't pay for it. Now I take the same drug for depression, as Wellbutrin and my co-pay is $15. It only interfers with smoking while you have this yucky, druggy feeling, which only lasts a few weeks.

I figure I'll do the gum or patch when I go to the hypnotherapist. But right now I'm spending a small forture on the chiropractor.

The situation for smokers is pretty sad. I'm thinking of guys I work with who make very little money. It's kinda like watching folks plan an expensive fix. Doesn't seem fair at all, considering who made all the money off the stuff. The least they could do is use some money to help all the people who are hooked. As I've mentioned, I never fixated on alcohol, when I quit, like I did on cigs, when I attempted to quit. It's horrible, quilt inducing, stuff.

As far as class stuff, I've mentioned restarant patrons reactions to cigs. A lot of status postureing. I work in a very affluent hood, where the guv lives, and now the rich kids are smoking. Charlie, my abusive, ass-hole boss, finally banned smoking in his place, after one of his oldest, dearest and richest, smoking patrons, died. Probably smoking related brain thing.

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