Cheap computers, was Where's Judy?

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Tue Dec 29 18:38:19 PST 1998

>Judging from your e-mail address <> are you in the
>Bay Area, at Univ of San Francisco?

Hey Chuckster, wrong Bay Area. That would be Tampa Bay. There really is intelligent life outside the SF Bay area. Honest.

Smooches, K -----------------------------------------------------------

Maybe. But do they have cheap computers? Check this out. For $539 you get a Cyrix M2/233Mhz, 32MbRam, 3.2GB HD, 4Mb Vcard, 14" monitor, CD-ROM. That is fricken cheap.

But what's this Judy thing? You and Francis, Doug and others are going to do Judy on the list?


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