the Butler Did it (was cheap computers)

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Wed Dec 30 08:13:55 PST 1998

>Maybe. But do they have cheap computers? Check this out. For $539 you
>get a Cyrix M2/233Mhz, 32MbRam, 3.2GB HD, 4Mb Vcard, 14" monitor,
>CD-ROM. That is fricken cheap.

Gad Chuckster, I do love it when you explore your computer fetish in public like this.

>But what's this Judy thing? You and Francis, Doug and others are going
>to do Judy on the list?

Only in your wildest cyberfantasies.

Yes, we're going to *read* Judy. I tried to tell you before when you were gearing up to read Dostoevsky on BAD and you were trying to force me into doing same by suggesting that I was a wimp if I didn't read Dos along with y'all. So, run to Cody's this very minute and pick up a copy of _Psychic Life of Power_. If'n you're interested that is. Starts on or after 1/18. Yes that's right Doug, on or after 1/18 because I started this thing and I get to say when. Nyeh Nyeh.

So here's on my list of people who said they'd take a stab--figuratively speaking--at Judy:

Frances (w/ an E) Bolton (Ch. 1) Kelley Crouse (Ch. 3) Christian Gregory Doug Henwood (Intro) William Kiernan William Lear Alex Locascio Alec Cat Ramsdell Paul Rosenberg Max Sawicky Doyle Saylor

So, we need someone to take on the following:

Chapter 2: Circuits of Bad Conscience: Nietzsche & Freud

Chapter 4: "Conscience Doth Make Subjects of Us All" Althusser's Subjection

Chapter 5: Melancholy Gender/Refused Identification

Chapter 6: Psychic Inceptions Melancholy, Ambivalence, Rage

Within Ch 5 there is Keeping It Moving Commentary on Judith Butler, by Adam Phillips & Reply to Adam Phillips

So, there are 8 of y'use guy and 5 selections yet unclaimed.


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