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Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Dec 30 08:18:27 PST 1998

d-m-c at wrote:

>So here's on my list of people who said they'd take a stab--figuratively
>speaking--at Judy:
>Frances (w/ an E) Bolton (Ch. 1)
>Kelley Crouse (Ch. 3)
>Christian Gregory
>Doug Henwood (Intro)
>William Kiernan
>William Lear
>Alex Locascio
>Alec Cat Ramsdell
>Paul Rosenberg
>Max Sawicky
>Doyle Saylor
>So, we need someone to take on the following:
>Chapter 2: Circuits of Bad Conscience: Nietzsche & Freud
>Chapter 4: "Conscience Doth Make Subjects of Us All" Althusser's Subjection
>Chapter 5: Melancholy Gender/Refused Identification
>Chapter 6: Psychic Inceptions Melancholy, Ambivalence, Rage
>Within Ch 5 there is Keeping It Moving Commentary on Judith Butler, by
>Adam Phillips & Reply to Adam Phillips
>So, there are 8 of y'use guy and 5 selections yet unclaimed.

Alec volunteered for chap 6. So it's 4 chapters unclaimed.


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